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The Fujifilm DryPix 2000 is a high-speed, high resolution dry imager that features all the superior characteristics of dry imagers, and more. It not only supports multiple film sizes, but can also accommodate up to two magazines. What's more, the Fujifilm DryPix 2000 is extremely compact in design, with unprecedented quiet operations.

By using the new and revolutionary DI-HT film, superior diagnostic imaging is promised along with extremely long life. This high performance system becomes the optimal choice in both small clinical settings, as well as part of a dispersed system in large hospitals.


The Kodak DryView™ 8100 laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output. This value-priced low- to mid-volume imager delivers all the benefits of DryView technology—including diagnostic image quality, film-to-film consistency, and steadfast reliability—without the cost of unneeded extra capacity. The Kodak DryView 8100 is ideal for CT, MRI, DSA, and other 14 x 17-in. applications.


FilmStation Dual Tray Film Imager

The Sony FilmStation Dual Tray Imager is a unique multi-film printer built on the design platform of the UP-DF500 FilmStation imager. The Dual Tray film imager incorporates many of the same unique features of the UP-DF500 model and adds a second output tray to accommodate multiple film sizes including 8 x 10", 10 x 12" and 11 x 14".

This added feature gives the end user the built in capability to produce film prints film prints for a variety of modalities as well as low cost copies ideal for patient referrals. The UP-DF550 can be mounted horizontally or vertically which is a major advantage over other large centralized film imagers. The UP-DF550 Dual Tray Film Imager is an ideal choice for many modalities such as CT, MR, DR, CR, and X-Ray.


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