Medical DR Systems (Digital Radiography)

Below you will find some of our most popular medical systems, however we offer many more. Please call to inquire about our inventory at 614-279-0000.


VIX-S is a Vieworks' flat panel detector with a large field coverage area of 17" x 17", which is designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system. The active 9.4Mega-pixel sensor of VIVIX-S ensures high image quality to meet market demand for precise diagnosis performance.

With automatic exposure detection, Anytime TM , VIVIX-S can be used without connection to the X-ray generator. It works just like CR or film as it is triggered by the radiation, instead of a generator interface connection.


Prodigy 4343 17x17 DR

The PerkinElmer Dexela Flat Panel X-ray Detectors (FPDs) are high speed, low noise X-ray detectors with excellent sensitivity. They employ state-of-the-art large-area CMOS image sensor technology and are supplied with a range of scintillator and interface options.

PerkinElmer Dexela Flat Panel X-ray Detectors have switchable pixel gain that makes them well suited to real-time imaging and CT as well as static imaging with high dynamic range

Prodigy 4336 Wireless DR

The Axis Prodigy™ 4336 is a cassette-sized wireless flat panel detector (FPD) for general digital radiography. Prodigy™ 4336 fits into conventional table and wall-stands just like a film or CR cassette, with no modifications or accessories needed. Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) simplifies integration by eliminating the need to create a wired interface with the generator. Simply insert the detector in the Bucky and begin taking your patient orders within minutes!

Prodigy’s directly deposited Cesium scintillator is extremely sensitive, which allows your technician to reduce dose-to-patient by up-to 40% over current techniques.


WFP Wireless Flatpanel DR

Taking digital radiography to the next level with our Wireless Flatpanel technology.

- Imaging Area: 14" x 17"
- Wireless connectivity
- Cassette sized
- Off-center Imaging

D-Evo Wireless DR

Fujifilm's D-Evo Wireless flat panel detector combine patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology with the inherent dose-lowering and image-sharpening properties of cesium to achieve higher sharpness and DQE, making them the ideal solution for low dose exams and dose-lowering initiatives.



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