Chiropractic X-Ray Systems

Below you will find some of our most popular chiropractic systems, however we offer many more. Please call to inquire about our inventory at 614-279-0000.



The DCChoice is an affordable, cost effective flat-panel digital x-ray system that requires considerably less space than bulky CCD systems.
The flat-panel detector is housed in our slim design wall stand with a depth of only 12.25 inches. The side mounted patient hand grips aide patient stabilization.

A floor-wall / floor-ceiling tube stand with electromagnetic locks and angulating tube arm make image acquisition easy and efficient.



Universal uniquely combines economy and flexibility in a system designed to meet specialized and individual professional radiographic needs.

The Universal Raymaster system is thoroughly at home in private, group, or clinical applications. It provides full radiographic capabilities, from skull to weight bearing studies.




The CHIRO-PRACTICAL Radiographic System offers affordable solutions to meet the diagnostic imaging needs of every chiropractic office.
Whether for film or single flat panel DR technology, this system is designed to meet the high performance demands of most settings by employing the latest technology in our generators and using versatile, durable, Hospital Grade Quality Components.

AC1se 17" HF System

Floor-to-wall or ceiling (specify at time of order)
5 foot tracks
10" tubearm
Angulating port-style tubemount
Angulation dial and operator handles
Fully counterbalanced
Mechanical locks


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